Why an Attorney Should Look Through Your Contract

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Why an Attorney Should Look Through Your Contract

There are many situations when you may be presented with a contract to memorialize an agreement. Some contracts contain complex provisions that should be given attention. Many people fail to thoroughly review a contract before signing. Before you enter into a contract, you should consult with an experienced Laudenhill FL business attorney who can review the terms and advise you as to any issues.

Why an attorney should look over a contract before you sign it

In order for a contract to be considered a legally binding document, it must have complied with the legal requirements. Some examples of aspects to look for include:

-Language indicating an intent to enter into an agreement
-Valid and legal consideration
-Certainty of terms
-Mutual assent
-Fair and complete terms
-Identification of the parties

For some agreements, the law requires that certain details be included. For example, a contract involving a real estate transaction, it must sufficiently describe the property. Failure to Provide sufficient detail could result in the agreement being invalidated.

Why is it important to contact and experienced attorney rather than trying to handle things on your own?

Because most people are not familiar with the legal requirements for a contract or do not fully understand the potential consequences associated with a contract, you should consult with an experienced attorney. If an issue with a contract leads to litigation, you will not be given leniency for your failure to pursue legal advice before entering into the agreement. Because of this, it is important to consult with an attorney so as to minimize the potential for problems with the contract.

How can an attorney help?

A Laudenhill FL business attorney can review the agreement and advise you as to potential issues that may be present. An attorney can also provide advice as to ways to modify the agreement to better protect your interests.

If you have a contract that needs review, contact the Law Office of Steven B. Katz. The team at the Law Office of Steven B. Katz can provide advice about your contract concerns.