Steven B. Katz

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Steven B. Katz

Steve Katz is not an ivory-tower lawyer.  Rather than having mom and dad fund a quick trip through undergrad and lawschool, Steve managed his way through the University of Michigan undergraduate program graduating with honors with a dual major in political science and history all while working full time in the legal field.  Steve’s next stop found him at the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, DC where he excelled in a program steeped in corporate, transactional and property law again, all while working full time in the legal field.


Rather than joining the legal field as an associate attorney, Steve’s journey began at the very bottom.  He was a clerk at a suburban law firm.  The position entailed making copies, delivering documents to the courts and clients and other administrative tasks.  While some people may see such a position as menial in nature, Steve saw it as a way to learn the legal field from the bottom up.  One day, while sorting mail, he came across an advertisement for a local paralegal program.  Steve took a brief hiatus from his undergraduate efforts to pursue paralegal certification.  Graduating top of his program, he was quickly able to locate paralegal work. Throughout the remainder of his education, he worked as a paralegal, primarily engaged in commercial and residential real estate closings.


Upon completing lawschool and passing the Florida Bar, Steve took up practice with a mid-sized lawfirm where he was introduced to the representation of residential and commercial associations.  After seven years with this firm, he secured a shareholder position with a large downtown firm.  After an additional two years with that firm, he strongly suspected that life was better working on his own so he started up the Law Office of Steven B. Katz, PA. Three years in, he is proud to report that his suspicions were correct.


While he always considered himself to be a real estate attorney, he found an easy fit with the association world.  He now finds the majority of his days, nights and weekends representing condominium and homeowner associations.  Beyond this representation, he is also quite comfortable representing buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and tenants in all manner of real estate representation. Along the way, he also found that he was quite good at dispute resolution.


From his humble beginnings in the legal field to being the name partner of a lawfirm and every level in between, he has based his career on hard work and determination.  These are traits that have been passed down from generation to generation in his family.